Rain Gutters

Rain Gutters2


If your home has drainage problems and you do not have rain gutters, you should consider installing them. This can help correct or even prevent foundation issues.

If you DO have gutters and you allow these gutters to become clogged or broken you can cause more damage than good. We know that cleaning leaves out of gutters is hardly anyone’s favorite pastime, so we suggest that you install a wire frame netting across the top.

Foundation Maintenance

FoundationThis has been a very dry winter in the Central Texas Area.  The strength of the foundation, particularly east of IH35, is directly dependent on the moisture content of the soil.  You can easily check this with a screwdriver.  About 12 inches from the foundation push a long screwdriver down into the ground.  If the soil is moist you can tell it … if It’s dry you can tell that too.  Your goal is to keep the moisture content as evenly as possible year round.  Remember,  fluxuation in the moisture content is the major contributor to movement of the foundation.