Fire Safety

If you haFire Safetyve small children in your home, make sure one window in each child’s bedroom is easily opened. Children have a tendency to try and open windows instead of breaking them to escape a fire. They are afraid to break windows, because subconsciously they know they will get in trouble, even if they won’t actually.  Children often die in fires for that very reason.

Have a plan in case of fire, which includes a meeting place in front of the house to be sure everyone is out of the house.

We recommend each home have at least one fire extinguisher.

Tree Limbs

Tree Limb DamageBefore the roofs get so hot they fry our bottoms, it’s time to get up there and trim the limbs back 4 to 5 feet that are touching or almost touching our roof.  Gouges in the shingles are obvious, but the simple brushing of the shingles by the leaves will brush away granules and thereby lead to premature failure in the affected shingles.  Please be careful, if you do it yourself.  The older we get the less we bounce.